Azer Atakishiyev “Best Model of Azerbaijan 2010”

His name is Azer, he’s only 20 years old and  is a handsome and charming guy. I was just looking down on facebook, when I saw his picture and commented on it. I asked him if I could interview him for my blog and he agreed.

I asked him how he started with modeling and he told me that it started with a bet. He participated in “Best Model of Azerbaijan” in 2008 and ended up second. This handsome guy isn’t just only a model, but also a wrestler. He’s been Azerbaijani Champion and he was 4th in the European Championship.

This year he returned to the “Best Model of Azerbaijan”contest and he got the first place. He also got the title of Handsome Boy and Mister Azerbaijan. It was such a great experience to take part of Best Model of..Contest, Azer says.I was really nervous, even though that I’ve participated here before. He was often demanded for Commercials and other jobs, but he says that he doesn’t accept everything.

Modeling is just a hobby for this guy, he wants to be a professional wrestler. But Azer is waiting for a big challange, that is to become “Best Model of the World” which will be held in Turkey.


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