Coco ♥ Shoes

Everyone has an addiction. For some it’s coffee, or chocolate, or music, but for some it’s Shoes! It doesn’t matter what kind of brand they are, they have to be original and fabulous.  Tumblr_lc6zl0llqc1qaw1c9o1_500_large

I think that I’m the worst shoe-addict, because I don’t wear heels everyday. I have like 6 pairs of heels( I know it’s not much), eventhough I’m not wearing them all the time, I keep telling my mom that it’s not enough and beg her to buy me new one.

The reason why I don’t wear heels everyday, is because of their height. I’m not used to walk on them the whole day. I really want to wear heels to school, but most of the time I’m from 08.30 am till 05.00 pm at school, and  it’s not easy to race to the next class with a bag with a weight of 10 kilo’s and wearing heels.

I think that my addiction isn’t only about having shoes, I also love to spot shoes and stare at it for a while and wake up from my dream and walk further. It feels like shoes feed me more than food does. I love to have a pair of killerheels in my hands a fell them and smell them, I know it sounds freaky, but I LOVE it!


The only bad thing about my addiction is, I can’t always get the shoes that I want, like Louboutins, or Jimmy Choo’s. So thank God the internet exist, so I can look on my screen and drool.  So every year on my birthday, before a blow the candles on my cake, I wish for a pair of Louboutins( feel free if you want to buy me those amazing shoes)


But I’m sure that one day I would be able to buy Loubs for me and I think that I won’t keep it at one, but I’m gonna buy moreeeee   =]




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