Fashion vs Hijab

I don’t think that you can’t be fashionably  dressed but also wearing a hijab. So I was searching for girls who are wearing a hijab but they are also very stylish. I was wondering how they would be look like and how they will be dressed. Thanks to & http://hijabonmyhead.tumblr.comI have found a lot of fashionable girls with a hijab. The first picture will explain you the different ways of covering your head/body & the following pictures are from those fashionable Muslim girls, who make me proud!



ladygagamelan:  Hana Tajima @The Gardens Photo by GarbageLapsap

thedancingpapayas:  awesome look! LOVE it! “East 3rd Street NY” by Yuna Zarai on

sputniksweetheart:  Yuna Zarai doing a Gucci look for Esquire photoshoot.


givemydollback:  “Roses in my dream” by Maharani Puja on

Via Dinaa T lookbook

yunazarai:  EH! 20 yang Anggun 2010 party at Zouk, KL.Jumpsuit by Syomir Izwa. 


Via AKF lookbook


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