Coco ♥ Thick Dark Eyebrows!

I can’t understand why people with straigh hair, want to have curls  and visa versa. Or people with thick dark eyebrows want to have light and thin eyebrows. My sister has one of those gorgeous dark eyebrows and she’s jealous at mine think, way too light and non-regular eyebrows. I would kill someone to get those eyebrows. It’s really hot and sexy and it gives you a personality I think.

I was just zapping till I stopped at America’s Next Topmodel, don’t know which season, but Raina was in the final, yeah that one. I immidiatly fell in love with her look. Hey eyebrows, yeah you can guess allready, were thick and dark. She was like the young version of Brooke Shields, not that Brooke is old or something but anyway. Sad enough, she didn’t win ANTM, but I think eventhough that she lost, she could be a topmodel for sure.

I’ve said enough, so here are some photo’s of models with the gorgeous, dark, thick, regular eyebrows!


Brooke Shields


Raina ANTM finalist


Hilary Rhoda


Bambi Nothwood


Kim Feenstra


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