Winners of 2011!

Sitting in front of the tv, nail biting, heart bouncing like crazy, my eyes full of tear, ready to scream like a crazy person, but still waiting for the host to say “The winner of eurovision 2011, AZERBAIJAN!!!”.  From the very beginning, I knew that Azerbaijan was going to win. I liked the girl, who wasn’t vocally very good, loved the boy, who looks so cute! The song was amazing, it reminded me “Need you now” by Lady Antebellum. But anyway.

On twitter, everyone asked, “where is Azerbaijn?”. So I thought, I’m going to introduce Azerbaijan to all eurovision fans and other people who have no idea where Azerbaijan is. Rumour goes that Azerbaijan doesn’t have the money to hold ESC there next year and that they don’t have an arena etc etc.

Well, let me explain, we do have a big arena in Azerbaijan, but I think that it’s too old to have an event like ESC there and that’s why we started to build a news arena for next year. This picture will explain more about how it’s going to be look like.

Don’t forget that Azerbaijan is very oil rich and with that money they could do everything they want. They’ve built so many buildings in less than 2 years, that I couldn’t recognize the city when I was there!

This unexpected winning, brought some fear with it for gay people. Yes, Azerbaijan is an Islamic country, No it’s not dangerous for gay people to be there. If Turkey, who won a couple years ago and is also Islamic, could host ESC without any fear for gay’s, then we could do that too.

The following video’s is going to show you guy’s how Azerbaijan looks like and explain where it is etc. If you go search video’s on youtube about Azerbaijan, the most of them are really old, so check first which date they uploaded that video and if it’s from 2007 and 2008 then it’s kinda old. Baku is really different now, so for the  the newest video’s check out “Build it Bigger Azerbaijan” or just type “Azerbaijan 2009/2010/2011.

anyway, I hope my information was good and usefull. If you have any other questions, let me know!

Big Azerbaijani Kiss!


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