Coco: My new ABFF (Azerbaijani Best Friend Forever)

Friends are the most important things in life! I have my 3 besties, and my BFF, my sister, but I´m actually desperately, looking for a friend, who´s also from Azerbaijan and also living in a foreign country. I really want to call up my AF ( Azerbaijani Friend) and talk for 3 hours about nonsence, making jokes in Azerbaijani and have some very Azerbaijani hang outs.

You´ll start asking why, but there are some reasons why I want a Azerbaijani friend.

#1 we understand the same Azerbaijani jokes

#2 we can talk in Azerbaijani and no one else could understand us

#3 we could hang out in the summer in Azerbaijan

#4 if my Azerbaijani friend would live in for example London, I could go there in the holiday and vice versa.

#5 we could talk about Azerbaijani celebs and about the fashion in Azerbaijan

#6 we could watch eurovision together??

#7 we could defenitely LOFAO( laugh our freaking ass off) while watching `Parni Iz Baku`.


So, I will start searching for my next Azerbaijani BFF from now on. But, there are some requirements;

* she has to be 17/18

* she has to be in to fashion

* she has to talk in Azerbaijani

*she has to be able to come to Holland to visit me or that I can come visit her.

*She has to know  what “Parni Iz Baku” is ofcourse and love eurovision songcontest


If you are a Azerbaijani girl, who lives in a foreign country and you are interested in me, then you can just leave a comment or add me on Facebook so we can start chatting  etc etc.

I hope that I can find my ABFF soon!



4 gedachten over “Coco: My new ABFF (Azerbaijani Best Friend Forever)

  1. nou dat komt toch eens goed uit! Dat is alles wat ik ook ben en heb op dat azer,… gedoe na dan!
    maar ja idd vice versa. ik kom bij jouw en jij bij mij.;;
    kijk je uit dat je niet te ver hoeft te lopen lieverd! maar een Bestebreurtje als je bij mij wilt komen hoef je niet met de vliegtuig xD

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