Summer Street Fashion Azerbaijan

Salam Everybody!

I’m still enjoying my time in Baku. A couple of days ago, there was  a ” Summer Street Fashion” photoshoot held in the city, which I took part of. It was really cool to see so many people dressed very cool and so many photographers working hard! Well, I decided to put those photo’s here. The main photographer was Habib Samedov, he organized this whole thing and created a contest with this. The picture with the most ” likes” on Facebook, will win a free photoshoot with Habib. I will just put the link here, because if you’ll like a photo and you want to click on the”like” button, you won’t have to search for it  on facebook. You have to like the page first, before you can like the picture.


That’s ME! =D

P.S I only put the photo’s I liked!


2 gedachten over “Summer Street Fashion Azerbaijan

  1. Hello there my precious Dearling!!!

    How is life so far in Baku?
    Je komt je 30e terug toch?
    welke dagen heb je tijd om chilling te setzen mit deine mitgelieden?


    p.s love your pfoto! So pure and natural!
    En WTF is er met het gezicht van die ene jongen gebeurt? hoezo ogen staan te dicht bij elkaar?

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