Coco: Back on Track

Hello People!

I’m back home from my fantastic vacation to Baku, Azerbaijan. This was my third time that I was visiting my birthplace and as every year I enjoyed my almost 30 days in Azerbaijan! This year I didn’t spend my whole vacation in the city of Baku, but we went to Qebele, Ismayilli, Ilisu, Sheki and Xizi. I’ve once been in Qebele and Xizi, but the other places were totally new for me. We’ve been visiting Qebele, Ismayilli, Sheki and Ilisu in 2 days and ofcourse it was not long enough to see everything there.  I’ve spent my 2 days between mountains and waterfalls, it was just like in heaven. The weather and the food is so delicous there and it was soo quiet.

Moi, ready for the summer streetfashion =)

Near Ismayilli

In a outdoor cafe in Ismayilli with my sister

waterfall in Qebele

Our temporary home in Ilisu ( we’ve paid 70 manat for one night for 13 people, like how cheap can you get!!)

Waterfall in Ilisu


Back in the city, my sister, my niece and I visited the modern art museum. We spent some afternoons in Park Bulvar, The Old City or in the cinema. Ate our lunch & dinner at Dalida ( mostly) and after walking in the city for the whole day, we returned to our summer cottage in Bilqeh, near the sea.

When old meets new. From the Old City, you can see the Flame towers.

souvenir shops in the old city!

After this, I’ll post the places where I’ve been in Baku, because other wise this post is going to be very very long!

My next trip to Baku will be in May for the Eurovision Songcontest (Insh’Allah), so I’m really excited about that idea.

Baku, Don’t miss me too much, I’ll be back soon!





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