Louboutins trip to Azerbaijan!

French shoe designer, Christian Louboutin decided to travel to Azerbaijan to see the land where east meets west, to find out about its culture. He was under the influence of a book about Kurban Said, the mysterious author of the early 20th century novel ‘Ali and Nino’.

... who works shoe magic

D.A How did you find that book? Not many people are interested in that kind of literature these days.

C.L It is a very interesting book, a very good book. It is one of the reasons I travelled to Baku and Azerbaijan.

D.A Yes, I know. How did you hear about it?

C.L I love books. There was a nice cover. It was of Kurban Said sitting in his double breasted jacket and fez. Looking at it, I thought it was a nice picture. And then I looked at the back and read the story of a man who was a writer and was actually Kurban Said, but who was also Mr. Nussimbaum. And I also have a passion for that part of the world, the Caucasus. You know the textiles are wonderful, there are a lot of beautiful things in the Caucasus region. So I thought, “Perfect!” and I bought the book. And when I read it I was completely transported.

D.A Where have you been, besides Baku?

C.L I have been to Lebanon and then I travelled to Syria, and from Syria I was planning to go to Georgia by way of Istanbul. But then war broke out in Georgia and I couldn´t go. So I ended up staying in Syria.


Read More: http://www.visions.az/art,274/


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