We want Peace, We want Justice!

I Know this has nothing to do with fashion or beauty, but it’s still very important to me. 20 years has passed since the Khojaly massacre, in Azerbaijan.

What is Khojaly?

Khojaly is a town situated in the Nagorno Karabach region of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Being the only airport of the region and thus, having a strategic importance, it was inhabited by over 7 thousand people. Now it is a dead town.

What did Happen?

Late into the night of February 25, 1992 the town came under intensive fire from the Armenian forces. During the night and into the morning of the 26th the Armenian armed forces supported by the ex-Soviet 366th regiment completed the surrounding of the town already isolated due to ethnic cleansing of Azerbaijani population of its neighboring regions.

The joint forces have occupied the town which has been reduced to rubbishes by heavy artillery shelling.
Under the extreme conditions, those that survived the siege moved into the darkness of night to be met at the middle of the route by ambush of Armenians.

Several thousands of fleeing civilians were ambushed at several points and being shelled by bullet rain tried to find refuge in the near-by forests and mountainous terrain. However, advances of Armenian occupation forces were relentless.

After eliminating a handful of policemen accompanying the refugees’ column,the Armenian forces reached out unprotected civilians to slaughter women, children and elders, mutilating bodies and scalping heads of those killed as the notorious Karabakh war trophies.

In a few hours of night from 25th to 26th February 613 civilians were killed including 106 women, 83 children. 56 people were killed with outrageous brutality, 8 families were totally exterminated, 25 children lost both parents while 130 children lost at least one parent, and 1275 peace residents were taken hostages. 

Source: Khojaly.org



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