Letting go is hard, Holding on is harder.

We know that some things are not really good for us. Most of the time we try to get rid of that thing and  do something that we enjoy and makes us feel good. Yet, it’s difficult to leave some people behind and move on. For example, when I’ve ordered milkshake and after drinking the most of it, the last bit doesn’t feel right. So I consider, should I drink the last bit and feel sick, or should I just throw it away? I throw it away and go on with what I was doing. It seems very easy with milkshake, but with people, it isn’t that easy.

How come that I easely can throw away something I really like and move on, but I can’t forget and leave behind that one particular person. The person you really like, maybe as a friend or maybe just more than that. I know that the longer I will care about this person, I will hurt myself. And because of that person I can’t seem to look further and live my life.

I  think that the main reason why it is so hard to let someone go, is because we had such great memories together which we don’t want to lose. But we have to remember, you can lose someone who once was really important to you, but you’ll never lose the great memories you once had with him/her.

In fact, we hope that one day everything will be just like it was back then. We hope that the particular person will realise how you once were and how you are now. That he/she will realise how much it hurt you and come back to apologize and say that they never meant to end up like this.

But till that moment, we can’t sit and wait. We have to get ourself together and move on with our lives. Because no one guarantees that he/she will turn back to you. And if they won’t come back, you have to remember them as a great and lovely person you once knew.



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