Let’s talk about: Make-Up.

Let’s talk about make-up. As a girl I always loved to try my mums make-up. To keep me quiet she gave me her make up and allowed me to make her prettier. Of course she ended up looking like a make-up monster. When I was fourteen I was allowed to use make-up, but only mascara, eyeshadow and powder. I used to go to the local HEMA store and buy a new stuff. Now, many years later, I get my make-up mostly from Lancome and L’oreal Paris. Lancome’s Teint Miracle and Hypnose mascara are the only products from Lancome that I use on daily basis. I love the light structure of Teint Miracle, it is easy to apply and feels like you have nothing on your skin. Hypnose mascara is a favorite as well. It gives the right volume, lengthens properly and adds a little drama 😉

From L’Oreal Paris I almost use everything. I recently bought a lipstick form the Color Riche line and I’m definitely in love with it. It’s just the right red that I was looking for. I also use the eyeshadows from Color Riche Smoky Die for Chocolate 302 and Smoky Place Vendome 306 for a natural smokey eye effect. Super Liner perfect Slim from L’Oreal Paris is the perfect liner for everyday use as well. My favorite nail polish colors from L’Oreal Paris Color Riche are Scarlet Vamp 404, Jolie Brunette 110 and topcoat Goldleaf 920.

I don’t like to buy only expensive make up just because it is cool to have them, like a whole collection of MAC Lipsticks. You have to be able to play and experiment with it and I woundn’t waste my expensive make-up just to practice smokey eye effect.  My make-up varies between affordable brands like GOSH and L’Oreal and expensive brands like Lancome, Chanel, Lancaster & Guerlain.

What are your favorite make-up brands and which one is the most important to you that you just can’t live without?


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Magical Miley.

When you put Miley Cyrus, Terry Richardson, Harper’s Bazaar and Lessie Lessin together, you’ll get a fabulous photoshoot. Lately, Miley has transformed from a Disney Princess into a rebellious tomboy. Lessie Lessin turned Miley into a elegant lady in dresses from Chanel, Versace and Armani. If you don’t believe me, then just take a look.



Coco ❤ John Frieda

Since I have got the most difficult hair to handle, I’ve tried every shampoo, conditioner, masque or serum to get my hair smooth and straight. My hair is frizzy, curly and unmanageable. I saw John Frieda’s commercial and thought that it was just one of those shampoo’s that won’t work. But something in my head said that I should try this and I did!

Believe it or not, it makes frizzy curly hair, sliky smooth. You can straighten your hair easily and even if the weather is humid, your hair will stay straight. When I was a brunette, I always used the Brilliant Brunette shampoo, but because I blow dry my hair too much, my hair got pithless and split ends. Rooth Awakening is , I think, one of the best shampoo/conditioner ever! After using it, the splitted ends seem and feel very healthy. Now that I turned blonde, I use Sheer Blonde’s Go Blonder.I bought today the Frizz-ease masque, so I don’t know how that works. I’m gonna try it tomorrow to see the effect.

I reallly recommend girl, with curly, frizzy and unmanageable hair to use this product, I guarantee that it will help.




I think that the most of the time I’m talking about eurovision and about Azerbaijan. I like to talk about the talents we’ve got in Azerbaijan, because I think they should be known in Europe. I’ve already told you about Safura, Milk&Kisses and Sabina Babayeva, but I haven’t mention another beautiful talented singer, Aysel

.AySel with Arash

Aysel (22) was the second representative from Azerbaijan at Eurovision SonContest in 2009. With another famous singer Arash, she became the third with her song “Always”. She was so beautiful that the participants from the other countries fell in love with her.

AySel with the boyband Blue!

Here are some video’s about AySel, take your time to listen to it and leave a comment behind!