My cup of Tee.


Recently I’ve been buying a lot of t-shirts. I like to wear them with my favorite pair of jeans on a lazy sunday. Every girl has to have a couple of t-shirts in her closet. Just in case you want to make your outfit a little playful, a t-shirt can be the best option to add to your outfit. Today I wanted to show you my fave t-shirts from my t-shirt collection. I usually buy my t-shirt at ZARA or Asos, because they always have original and fashionable t-shirts. The design and the prints are always refreshing and cool. The last two t-shirt are from Vogue Magazine. Every now and then they give Vogue subscribers a t-shirt or sweater(I’ve them all).




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December Musthaves!

Tomorrow is the last day of November and we are heading to the last month of the year. This month is full of cosy dinners, family visits, Christmas and celebrating new year’s eve. It is nice to end the year with so much positive energy, except for all the stress at figuring out what present you should give your relatives and friends. That is why I made a list of things I would like to get from my family and friends. Of course I give myself a gift as well. And perhaps my must’ve list will inspire you at “gift shopping”. 🙂

Coat & Shoes ZARA // Hair comb ASOS.COM // Lace Bra ASOS.COM // MARC By Marc Jacobs SHOPBOP.COM // IT by Alexa Chung AMAZON.COM.

Büro 24/7 Azerbaijan

Good news for fashion lovers in Azerbaijan. Most of you, who follow Ulviyya Mahmudova & Miroslava Duma on Instagram, have already seen some photo’s of Miroslava with Ulviyya  working on the Azerbaijani edition of Miroslava’s website Büro 24/7.

Well, today was the launch of Büro 24/7 Azerbaijan! I took a look on the website and I’m very impressed with the interviews and the overall appearance.

From now on we can enjoy our own Büro 24/7 in our native language!


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Schermafbeelding 2014-01-13 om 14.20.04










Schermafbeelding 2014-01-13 om 14.37.08























Instagram is one of the most popular social networks we use these days. Some use it to capture the moment and share them with others, while other people use instagram for fashion inspiration by following bloggers, models or fashion designers or by posting their own outfits. I’ve been using instagram now for a year and I have to admit that it’s very addictive. I’m not only posting photo’s but also following some very inspiring accounts, which I want to share with you.

Negin Mirsalehi

Negin Mirsalehi is a Dutch fashion blogger. She runs She lives in the same city as I do and it’s kinda funny when I see her having some drinks with friends at the same bar as me and my friends!


cj_hendry is an account which I discovered accidentally. I can’t even remember how I discovered it, but I’m glad that I’ve found it. The artist is so talented and it’s obvious when you see her master pieces.


I think we all know who iblondee is. Her amazing blog is a blog worth to follow.


Maya Maharramova is also a blogger. I was following her on twitter before I started to follow her on instagram. It’s very nice to see so many Azeri bloggers these days!


Mira Duma has a special space in my heart. She’s one of the women that I admire. Mira is someone I look up to.


Naya is also a blogger. As far as I know, she lives in Turkey. She’s very stylish and sometimes she helps me to pick an outfit for the next day!


As a SATC addict I feel obligated to follow this account. It’s nice to see some photo’s of Carrie and her friends as well.


I don’t know much about this girl, the only thing I know is that she has great posts on instagram. So, take a look!


Yolanthe Cabau is a Dutch actress and also the wife of Wesley Sneijder(football player,Galatasaray). She lives in Istanbul. Yolanthe is trying to become the next big thing in Hollywood and it seems to work.


Rustam Jabrayilov is a model. He lives in New York and is super hot! You should definetely follow him!


2 words..Olivia Palermo!

Who do you follow on instagram and who should we follow next?


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Fashion vs. Hijab!

Dear Readers,

A time ago I had a post about muslim girls who are very creative with their hijabs and I had some different comments on this topic. I’ve been approached by two girls to help them out with a research about this topic. It would be great if you’d like to take part of this survey  to help these two girls.



Merci Marc!

After 16 years at the helm of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs showed his last collection for the French fashion house Wednesday morning. It was “for the showgirl in all of us,” it said in the notes, a moving depiction of the Paris of our dreams on the last day of Paris Fashion Week.

Marc is one of my favorite designers of our time and I’ll sure miss his collections for Louis Vuitton! Thank you Marc for the best shows!


From Paris With Love!

Paris is the city of my dreams. Paris stole my heart and wants to return it when I’ll move there. Every time when I visit Paris, I feel like a kid in a candy shop. This time I enjoyed Paris like it was my first time visit the city of love. Here are some outfits I wore for my great love.






Back to Paris!

Dear readers,

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been on vacation this summer. So I recently booked a trip to Paris, because I felt that I needed to go there again. Last year I went to Paris with my aunt and niece and we stayed there for 3 days.  I didn’t realize that 3 days weren’t enough to see all beautiful places in Paris. Of course we’d visited the Eiffel tower, Versailles, Louvre, Champs Elysee, Arch de Triomphe and made a boat trip.

This year I want to get to know Paris better. I want to visit places that are not fully crowded by tourists. So, I need your help! What are your suggestions? What should I visit? Where should I grab some lunch?(not too expensive s’il vous plait) I planned to visit the parcs and go to some vintage shops. Please dear readers help me, give me adresses or names of places so I can see the real Paris and not the touristic Paris!

I’m leaving august 21st to Paris, so be quick!