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Outfit; Blouse H&M, Denim Jacket Primark, Black Jeans Zara, Shoes Adidas, Purse H&M, Glasses Jutka & Riska,Necklaces H&M & Vintage.

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The Blonde Salad x Steve Madden

Chiara Ferragni, the blogger from The Blonde Salad, has a new project with Steve Madden. Chiara designed a new capsule collection which will be in all online stores from februari 10th with worldwide shipping. Let’s take a look and let me know which one is your favorite! I’ll go for the ankle boots with the open back!



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Coco: My new ABFF (Azerbaijani Best Friend Forever)

Friends are the most important things in life! I have my 3 besties, and my BFF, my sister, but I´m actually desperately, looking for a friend, who´s also from Azerbaijan and also living in a foreign country. I really want to call up my AF ( Azerbaijani Friend) and talk for 3 hours about nonsence, making jokes in Azerbaijani and have some very Azerbaijani hang outs.

You´ll start asking why, but there are some reasons why I want a Azerbaijani friend.

#1 we understand the same Azerbaijani jokes

#2 we can talk in Azerbaijani and no one else could understand us

#3 we could hang out in the summer in Azerbaijan

#4 if my Azerbaijani friend would live in for example London, I could go there in the holiday and vice versa.

#5 we could talk about Azerbaijani celebs and about the fashion in Azerbaijan

#6 we could watch eurovision together??

#7 we could defenitely LOFAO( laugh our freaking ass off) while watching `Parni Iz Baku`.


So, I will start searching for my next Azerbaijani BFF from now on. But, there are some requirements;

* she has to be 17/18

* she has to be in to fashion

* she has to talk in Azerbaijani

*she has to be able to come to Holland to visit me or that I can come visit her.

*She has to know  what “Parni Iz Baku” is ofcourse and love eurovision songcontest


If you are a Azerbaijani girl, who lives in a foreign country and you are interested in me, then you can just leave a comment or add me on Facebook so we can start chatting  etc etc.

I hope that I can find my ABFF soon!