Fab Five + One: Interior Pieces

PicMonkey Collage

This time I’ll show you the most fabulous 5 (+1) interior pieces that I’ve discovered on Pinterest .  Since I’m trying to find a room and move out, I’ve spent a lot of time on Pinterest for interior inspiration. Obviously I’ve more pictures that I wanted to share, but I’ll just keep it at 5 plus 1 extra! Take a look and get inspired!


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The Blonde Salad x Steve Madden

Chiara Ferragni, the blogger from The Blonde Salad, has a new project with Steve Madden. Chiara designed a new capsule collection which will be in all online stores from februari 10th with worldwide shipping. Let’s take a look and let me know which one is your favorite! I’ll go for the ankle boots with the open back!



Schermafbeelding 2014-02-08 om 10.35.33 Schermafbeelding 2014-02-08 om 10.35.50 Schermafbeelding 2014-02-08 om 10.36.09 Schermafbeelding 2014-02-08 om 10.37.12 Schermafbeelding 2014-02-08 om 10.37.26 Schermafbeelding 2014-02-08 om 10.37.53 Schermafbeelding 2014-02-08 om 10.38.07


Wishlist: Zara

Hey There!

As some of you have noticed, ZARA has their new collection online! Since I’m a super fan of their clothes and 80% of my closet contains ZARA items, I have selected four items from the new collection which I HAVE to buy!



What makes you happy?

The other day I heard two old ladies talking about what made them happy. The one said: “When I open my refridgerator and it’s organized and wel filled, I feel like a very rich and happy woman”. The other replied “I feel the most happiest when I dye my hair and after that my hair feels very soft and shiny”. Tha made me think about the things which made me happy or could cheer me up when I’m not feeling very well. So I made a list of these things, with the reasons ofcourse.

  • Sex and the City  

The last few weeks I’ve started to watch the first season of Sex and the City. After a while I got addicted to it and I’ve seen all the seasons and the two movies. So, When you give me a bowl of noodles and a dvd-box of SATC, you can make me very happy =)


  • Clean house

When I come home and the whole house is cleaned up and smells fresh, it’s just like I’m in heaven. I can sit down and watch tv and rest a bit. When my room, kitchen and the bathroom are a big mess, my whole day wouldn’t go as I planned and I should stay at home.


  • Shoes

When I walk across a shoestore, I have to walk in and try at least 3 pairs. I don’t know why and how, but they can make me smile and give me energy after a ver long day. And if I do a little crazy “happy”dance, it means that I’m totally in love with those shoes.


  • Compliments

I think that everyone should make a compliment about someone else’s handbag or hair or whatever, because you can cheer them up with just saying something nice. I love to get some compliments and my friends are so sweet to do that. If I’m mad or feeling down and my friend S. gives me a compliment, she just makes my day. It’s not expensive and very easy to say, so why not. Besides, it’s not that I’m an attention freak, just now and then, I like to give compliments to other people. Even if I don’t know that person, but he or she looks great I just say it.


  • DayDream

I have to admit that I;m a daydreamer. I just can’t keep my thoughts at one point. I like to daydream about places I’ve never been but I really want to visit, like St. Tropez, New York etc. Or imagine how my future will be. And ofcourse all the girly stuff like, when I see a couple, I ask myself why I don’t have a boyfriend etc etc. When I start to think about one thing, I end up thinking about million other things and not related to my first thought. But  I really like to daydream, because it’s kind of a distraction of my normal life.



Louboutins trip to Azerbaijan!

French shoe designer, Christian Louboutin decided to travel to Azerbaijan to see the land where east meets west, to find out about its culture. He was under the influence of a book about Kurban Said, the mysterious author of the early 20th century novel ‘Ali and Nino’.

... who works shoe magic

D.A How did you find that book? Not many people are interested in that kind of literature these days.

C.L It is a very interesting book, a very good book. It is one of the reasons I travelled to Baku and Azerbaijan.

D.A Yes, I know. How did you hear about it?

C.L I love books. There was a nice cover. It was of Kurban Said sitting in his double breasted jacket and fez. Looking at it, I thought it was a nice picture. And then I looked at the back and read the story of a man who was a writer and was actually Kurban Said, but who was also Mr. Nussimbaum. And I also have a passion for that part of the world, the Caucasus. You know the textiles are wonderful, there are a lot of beautiful things in the Caucasus region. So I thought, “Perfect!” and I bought the book. And when I read it I was completely transported.

D.A Where have you been, besides Baku?

C.L I have been to Lebanon and then I travelled to Syria, and from Syria I was planning to go to Georgia by way of Istanbul. But then war broke out in Georgia and I couldn´t go. So I ended up staying in Syria.


Read More: http://www.visions.az/art,274/

In My Closet!

I was thinking about something new for my blog. After looking in my room for some inspiration, I thought, maybe I could tell something about things that are in my closet. I have chosen for this 3 things to tell about where I bought it, and maybe a story about this thing.

I bought this vest in Amsterdam’s H&M for €10-. I fell in love when I saw this hanging there. My friend and I were in Amsterdam for a job,we wanted to work in a cafe “La  Place”, so we went there to talk with the manager and we got the job! This vest has a hippie look and I love the strings that are hanging on it. The colour is fantastic, white is totally good looking for in the summer, when you’ve got a tan.

This clutch is also from H&M, but from a whole other city, Barcelona! We went on a trip with school and after arriving there, we went shopping with the girls. It was love at first sight. It was €15-, so it was not that expensive. I love the colour and the texture. It reminds me of a garden full of red roses.

Yes, it seems like that I only buy my clothes at H&M, but it was just a coincidence. These shoes are soo soft and the colour is so tempting. I bought them yesterday. Actually I went yesterday to the library to do some homework with my friend, so if my mom is gonna read this, I’m dead xD. We just walked past H&M and we couldn’t resist the temptation so we walked in and I finally found my size!


Coco ♥ Shoes

Everyone has an addiction. For some it’s coffee, or chocolate, or music, but for some it’s Shoes! It doesn’t matter what kind of brand they are, they have to be original and fabulous.  Tumblr_lc6zl0llqc1qaw1c9o1_500_large

I think that I’m the worst shoe-addict, because I don’t wear heels everyday. I have like 6 pairs of heels( I know it’s not much), eventhough I’m not wearing them all the time, I keep telling my mom that it’s not enough and beg her to buy me new one.

The reason why I don’t wear heels everyday, is because of their height. I’m not used to walk on them the whole day. I really want to wear heels to school, but most of the time I’m from 08.30 am till 05.00 pm at school, and  it’s not easy to race to the next class with a bag with a weight of 10 kilo’s and wearing heels.

I think that my addiction isn’t only about having shoes, I also love to spot shoes and stare at it for a while and wake up from my dream and walk further. It feels like shoes feed me more than food does. I love to have a pair of killerheels in my hands a fell them and smell them, I know it sounds freaky, but I LOVE it!


The only bad thing about my addiction is, I can’t always get the shoes that I want, like Louboutins, or Jimmy Choo’s. So thank God the internet exist, so I can look on my screen and drool.  So every year on my birthday, before a blow the candles on my cake, I wish for a pair of Louboutins( feel free if you want to buy me those amazing shoes)


But I’m sure that one day I would be able to buy Loubs for me and I think that I won’t keep it at one, but I’m gonna buy moreeeee   =]