Fab Five + One: Interior Pieces

PicMonkey Collage

This time I’ll show you the most fabulous 5 (+1) interior pieces that I’ve discovered on Pinterest .  Since I’m trying to find a room and move out, I’ve spent a lot of time on Pinterest for interior inspiration. Obviously I’ve more pictures that I wanted to share, but I’ll just keep it at 5 plus 1 extra! Take a look and get inspired!


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Posh vs. Paparazzi

This is why I love Vicotira Beckham. Victoria was apparently not ready for the cameras of the paparazzi, so she stopped and fixed her hair first. She just wants to look gorgeous on every paparazzi photo and I agree with her. Even though she looks stunning every time!

Fashion vs. Hijab part 2

I once posted about how Muslim girls, wearing a Hijab, dress themselves very fashionable. Well, this time I just wanted to share some new photo’s of these girls! They have many ways to dress fashionable but still be covered, from maxi dresses to boyfriend jeans! I really want to say this again to these girls, YOU MAKE ME PROUD! Let’s watch and enjoy!

New look from yuna. Taken from her lookbook.


Tribal Thing (by Yuna Zarai)

Sue Anna Joe



HFW Day #6 : Travel/Vacation


(via Yuna Z.)


Loving her style. Dian Pelangi.

Via A.K.F lookbook


Source: http://hijabonmyhead.tumblr.com/